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The Peoples Film Festival-A Virtual Reality Experience

Bold Mynds heard a group of panelists speak about the development of VR Films. The youth had the opportunity to learn and explore more about gaming, tech, art and much more. During this trip, some of our youth took the subway for the FIRST time! We taught them proper etiquette while traveling and using public transportation.

Good Morning America (GMA) Summer Concert Series feat. NE-YO

College was out for the summer, school testing was done, and Bold Mynds was able to start off the summer experiencing NE-YO live in concert!

Dorney Park and The Wildwater Kingdom

Bold Mynds partnered up with another youth group to take them to a theme park.

Criminal Justice and Reform

Bold Mynds participated in a community event where Criminal Justice professionals spoke about the effective ways of making changes in the community. The youth had the chance to experience an actual car stop workshop, where volunteer law enforcement professionals acted out real-life scenarios with our teens. Our teens also had the opportunity to reverse the role to get the full experience. This provided them the clear understanding of the law and taking proper precautions when out in the real world.

Know Your Worth Workshop

Bold Mynds participated in the necessary dialogue with men and women about vision and worth. This event taught them to be bold, focus on their vision and not allow anyone or anything to get in the way. This event, just like all others, definitely fit our mission and vision for our youth.

iHeart Health & Wellness Expo feat. Dr. Oz

Bold Mynds got the opportunity to see Dr. Oz and a host of others up close and personal speak about health and wellness. They were able to get hands-on experience learning about all the benefits of taking care of yourself mentally and physically.